Say goodbye to your data headaches

Connect the data from all your systems, and make creating your reports a whole lot easier.

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Your Data Struggle Is Real

The data you rely on to run your day-to-day is all over the place, spread across the systems in your organization.

Trying to get that data into a single report can be a real hassle.

Worse, with so many data points in so many places, you find that your data doesn’t always play nice together.

It all adds up to a lot of frustration.


Cure Your Data Headaches

You don’t have the resources of a multi-billion dollar company. You probably don't even have a dedicated data person on staff.

But you still need an easier way to work with your data.

Infinext's OneData Roadmap™ gives you the how-to that radically simplifies the way you interact with your data. It provides your very own, custom-tailored, step-by-step path to pain-free data.

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What You Get With OneData Roadmap™

Your custom, step-by-step path to:


All Your Data in One Place

All Your Data in One Place
Easily access all of your data from a central point.


Set It and Forget It Reporting

Set It and Forget It Reporting
Automated delivery of reports so you never again have to worry about sending.


Hands-Free Data

Hands-Free Data
Data loaded automatically, eliminating the need for manual entry or downloads.


View Data From Anywhere

View Data From Anywhere
See your data from any device inside or outside the office.


Easy Report Collaboration

Easy Report Collaboration
Reporting that makes it simple for staff to work together and share reports.


How It Works



We'll meet with you online to learn everything about your systems and to discuss where you are now and where you want to be.


Using our OneData Roadmap™ process, we'll find the best and most efficient ways to improve your current data setup.


You'll now have your path to pain-free data, outlining the exact step-by-step to get you where you want to be.


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Our Pricing Guarantee


We believe that if you haven't received value from our services, you shouldn't have to pay. Period.

All of our clients have seen their work through to completion. But if we haven't helped solve your data problems with our OneData Roadmap™, we'll give you your money back.



OneData Roadmap

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Sounds Good, But I Have A Few Questions...

How long will a OneData Roadmap™ take from start to finish?

Online meeting times typically take 1 - 2 hours each. Total time from our initial discovery session to our final meeting is usually 2 weeks.

What happens after I receive my OneData Roadmap™?

That's the beauty of it--you're free to complete the project in-house, hire someone else to implement, or we'd be happy to work with you. We have two decades of experience in making clients' data lives easier.

I have so many different systems. Is it really possible to bring all of the data together?

Nowadays, almost every organization runs on multiple systems, with different databases and often different data formats. Fortunately, with the technology available today, joining all of the data together is not only possible, but it will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend working with your data.

What if I want only some people in my organization to be able to see certain data?

Some pieces of data are more sensitive than others. You can permit or deny access to data based on individual users, by user groups, or even by organizational roles. You have complete control over who sees what.

What if the data from my different systems doesn't line up cleanly?

This is a common issue. Often connections between data need to be established that don't initially exist. The OneData Roadmap™ fully addresses these issues and provides step-by-step solutions to link your data together.

What if a lot of my data is in hard copy format?

You are not alone. Many organizations still use plain old paper to track at least some of their data. We have experience helping clients transition from antiquated paper-based systems to electronic data records.

Have Another Question?

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That's why we're here.

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