5 Data Integration Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Implementing data integration in your organization involves more than just purchasing software or writing some code.  It requires designing systems, engaging with personnel, changing workflows, putting technical processes in place, and generally overseeing a lot of moving parts.  Attaining perfection is unrealistic.  However, knowing common pitfalls to avoid ahead of time will go a long […]

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Why Data Integration Is Hard

One of my recent client projects reminded me how complex the process of data integration can be. On its face, the task was simple: Connect to a vendor’s API to send and receive data.  Data would be sent from the client’s web portal, and received data would ultimately land in their data warehouse. The vendor

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Qlik World 2021 Notes

I attended Qlik’s online conference, Qlik World 2021.  Three days of presentations showcased current and upcoming features of their software, with heavy emphasis on their newest addition, the Qlik Data Integration platform.  Qlik is leaning into a vision they call Active Intelligence, where instead of waiting for analysis, data loaded into their software triggers actions

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